1. Provide required documentation

Our quality team will provide a list of documents required prior to accepting any shipment into our facility. Once approved, you have the green light to schedule a delivery appointment.


2. Ship bulk product to our facility

We accept direct containers, truckloads, and LTL. Coordinate with our team for a spot order or a yearly contracted volume.


3. Product is processed & assigned a lot number

Product must be removed from its original packaging to be processed through our system. 

The product is exposed to our proprietary blend of gasses. 

Once the Microduction® process is complete, the product is packed into new bags, from 8oz up to bulk super sacks. Barrier bags with vacuum and gas flush available per request.

A unique lot number is used and entered into our database. Retailers and manufacturers can contact us to trace this lot and confirm it has undergone the Microduction® process. 

The Microduction® validated seal will display on all product labels.

4. Product is now ready for distribution