Reduce the Risk of Recalls

Retail Brands


Protect your brand and verify all raw materials are validated by Microduction®. Ask us about our retail vendor program.



Keep all ingredients safe. Ask us about our lot tracing program for manufacturers handling multiple ingredients and suppliers.



From farm to customer, a lot can happen. Reduce risks from your step in the supply chain. Ask us about our ingredient supplier program.

Benefits of the validation seal


Validated 5+ log reduction

The Microduction® process has been validated by a food science university to not only provide greater than a 5 log reduction of harmful pathogens like Salmonella and E.Coli, but to also preserve the probiotic benefit of the natural microbiome on the product. 

Organic certified process

The Microduction® system is in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program requirements and has an approval date of March 6th 2017.

No heat or liquid used

Our gas tight system doesn't use heat, nor liquid spray, nor added moisture; only our proprietary blend of USDA approved organic gasses.

Zero yield loss caused by treatment

Our treatment causes 0% yield loss. Other methods see a 1-3%+ yield loss, which can mean 440 lbs to 1,320+ lbs per truckload. Our process prevents loss and saves you money.

No residual

Product won't smell nor taste differently than when it arrives. Product including seeds, grains, and flours won't need to go on a vibration table because our process does not cause any product clumping. 

Cost effective

Because our process is able to run product at higher throughput with less footprint and operational costs, we can charge our customers less. Adding in the cost of zero yield loss due to treatment, we come in 20-80% below the market price. We also offer free packaging (bags, trays, wrap, and much more).